9 Stunning Landscaping With Boulders Ideas


Are you struggling to come up with design ideas about using boulders in your front yards or backyard landscape? You will love this post; I have compiled below 9 stunning landscaping with boulders ideas you will love.

9 Stunning Landscaping With Boulders Ideas




front yard boulders

Signature Landscapes in Huntsville, AL




landscape boulders

Cagwin & Dorward Landscape Contractors in Novato, CA


boulder retaining wall

Copper Creek Landscaping in Mead, WA


boulder steps

Greenleaf Services Inc. in Linville, NC


landscape boulder

Ross NW Watergardens in Portland, OR


address boulder

Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA


boulder seating

Sublime Garden Design in Snohomish, WA


hillside boulders

Blue Ridge Landscaping in Holland, MI


Naturalistic Waterfall Pond and Waterfall Rice's Nursery & Landscaping North Canton, OH

Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping in North Canton, OH

Boulders can provide great accents to your front or backyard landscape. Whether grouped to create a focal point or used for functional features such as walls or water features, boulders help connect your landscape to the surroundings. Boulders can be used to complement a variety of garden styles including rustic, desert, Japanese, tropical and more.

If you have boulders on site, these can be incorporated into your new design. Otherwise boulders can be purchased from rock yards and delivered to your property. Consider the size and weight of the boulders you select because it directly influences cost. Large, heavy boulders are difficult to transport and place which increases labor costs drastically.

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