6 Amazing Landscaping Boulders Ideas You Will Love


Are you looking for ideas about how to do landscaping with boulders or how to use boulders and large landscaping rocks to divide your garden into sections? Well, l have good news for you; check out the 6 amazing landscaping boulders ideas we have here.

For years people have been using boulders to accent their landscaping. Boulders can be grouped amongst plantings or used to divide areas in a garden. But have you ever thought of using them as a fire pit, seating, a fountain, or even a planter?

Landscaping Boulders Ideas to Beautify Your Landscape

If you are new to landscaping and have always wondered how to design a landscaping boulder wall or boulders for a retaining wall, there are many landscaping boulders ideas that you can try out. Boulders can be very effective in landscaping and you can use them in many different ways in your landscaping designs.

In fact, they are becoming more popular these days because they are relatively easy to use and very economical. If you are planning to build any kind of wall that needs to hold soil or water, landscaping boulders ideas are a great way to create a unique and attractive wall design.

There are many different landscaping boulders ideas that you can use and incorporate in your yard. These ideas will range from the simple to the complex and everything in between.

All it really comes down to is how much time and effort you are willing to put into this particular landscaping project. Here are some of the most interesting landscaping boulders ideas you can try out:

Boulders make an excellent addition to any yard landscaping project. They are not only attractive but also do a good job of keeping your landscaping designs intact.

For instance, if you are trying to create a natural-looking landscape using boulders, try landscaping with boulders that have a texture to them. This will enhance the natural look of your landscape and will make it stand out. The great thing about using landscape boulders is that they can be found nearly anywhere.

If you are more interested in using landscape boulders for smaller landscaping projects or accents, you can get smaller boulders to use. One example of this would be boulders that are about one and a half feet in diameter that you can install in your front yard.

You could build a stone wall along the side of your house and then place the smaller boulders on top of the wall. This is a fun idea that can be very easy to do and it will also make a nice accent in your landscape painting project. The best part is that installing these boulders is easy so you won’t have to worry about putting them up by yourself.

If you are more interested in using landscaping boulders for larger landscaping projects, you can go up to ten or twelve feet in diameter. These boulders make a great addition to any landscape and they can do a number of things for your yard. For instance, you can position these boulders around your garden, driveway, or even against the wall to create a dramatic effect.

Landscaping Boulders Ideas

There are so many great landscaping ideas for boulders to use for your landscaping project that it can be a little difficult to choose which ones to use.

If you don’t like the idea of having a big backyard and you are limited on the space you have available for your landscaping project, you should consider using boulders to create a nice focal point in your yard.

If you don’t have much room for this type of landscaping project, you can still use this type of landscaping idea to add a nice feature to your front yard.

There are two main types of landscaping boulders you can use for your yard landscaping project. The first type of landscaping boulder you will want to install is one that you will lay on the ground and then climb over.

These types of landscaping boulders are perfect if you are in an area where it is not feasible to install a regular patio. It is easy to set these up because you simply place them in a location where you want to situate them.

You then just add some stones or other types of material and start climbing over them. When you reach a certain level you can then remove the boulders and move them to another section of your landscape.

The second type of landscaping boulders that you can use is a special type you will lay over top of the soil. These boulders are designed specifically to withstand the weight they are required to carry.

You can install these boulders in many different areas of your landscaping yard. Some people like to put these boulders in their walkways, while others may choose to put these boulders in their flowerbeds or at the base of their trees.

No matter what your reason is for installing these boulders in your yard they are sure to give your yard a very unique look. You can find landscaping boulders ideas from books, magazines, and online sources.


6 Landscaping Boulders Ideas You Will Love

1. Boulder Fire Pit

Desert Landscape Planting

By hollowing out a wide hole in this boulder it can be used as a fire pit. In this case, wood is burned, but a boulder fire pit could also be connected to an underground gas line. 

2. Boulder Seating

Boulder Seating

In this northwest backyard Heidi Skievaski, owner of Sublime Garden Design, used boulders as seating around a fire pit. She hand-selected large, blocky boulders with flat tops so that they would be suited for sitting. Learn more about this project: Northwestern Backyard Retreat. 

3. Address Boulder

Address Boulder

Rather than simply displaying this home’s address on the mailbox Margie Grace, of Grace Design Associates, elected to use a large, red boulder. Learn more about this project: Fire Safe Landscape.

4. Boulder Planter

Boulder Planter

This raised planter was created from a boulder that was cut in half and hollowed out. Don’t forget drainage holes on the bottom.

See how a Portland landscaper uses boulders

5. Boulder Fountain

Boulder Fountain

Here three holes were drilled in a boulder and it was plumbed to serve as a fountain. Water bubbles out of the rock and flows into a hidden underground reservoir. Learn more about disappearing fountains.

6. Play Boulders

Play Boulders

In this desert courtyard, small boulders tucked amongst landscape plantings serve as play elements for young children. The kids can run or jump from boulder to boulder. The designer of this garden, Rachel Gioannini, recommends burying boulders one-third below grade for the most natural look. Learn more about this project: Colorful Desert Courtyard.

While boulders look great amongst landscape plantings, now you know that they can also be used as functional landscaping elements. Boulders look good in nearly any style of garden, but they are especially suited for use in country gardens. They have a natural rustic appeal that adds another dimension to the design.

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