How to Start Lawn Care Business


Are you thinking of starting your own lawn care business but struggling to come up with a plan? Discover here an expert step by step guide about how to start lawn care business.

If you are an outdoor type individual and you enjoy taking care of your own yard, then you may be a good candidate to start your own lawn care business. The owner of a lawn care business isn’t just responsible for keeping the grass in good shape, they also have to deal with weeds, keep the flower beds in excellent condition and taking care of any trees or ground fertilization. If a lawn care business is something you want to start then in a few simple steps you can be ready.

Steps To Take On How to Start Lawn Care Business

The first step when starting any business is to have a name. For a lawn care business you want to havehow to start lawn care business a catchy slogan, this can be more important to your business than you may think. A slogan for your company shows your potential clients when your business is about and it can even make it easier for individuals to remember your business name.

Next you need to decide on the equipment you need. If you only need blowers, trimmers and edgers as your largest pieces of machinery then you may be able to work with a large van. However, if you are going to need larger pieces of equipment then you may also need to purchase a trailer. It is also a good idea to look into the service and repair options for your equipment before you start your lawn care business, this way you won’t find yourself in a bind with a full schedule and broken equipment.

Always set limits before you officially start your lawn care business. This limit will depend on the equipment you have available more so than any other aspect of your business. If you only have a hand mower you won’t want to accept jobs with large spaces that require a small tractor in order to cover. For those working completely by hand the limits may only allow you to work gardens and backyards.

After setting your limits it is important to determine how much you are willing to work. One of the main advantages to a lawn care business is the fact that you don’t have to work during regular business hours. You can work early in the morning or on the weekends depending on your preference. So set up a schedule that determines which days you are willing to work.

Finally you will want to determine the price you charge for your services. Typically those with a lawn care business will charge a moderate flat fee and then increase the fees depending upon the size of the yard or the complexity such as stairs, corners or different levels that the person requires you to work with.

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