7 Stunning Backyard Landscape Design Plans Ideas


5. Hide and Seek…

The Little Plus: the patina of the backyard walls is so charming. And notice that one wall is in yellow hues darken by the passage of time and the other one is in a warm terracotta color. Also, see how the large stone planters stand tall on top of the fence to add greenery with yellow tones calling back the sun and yellow flowers. And of course, you have a beautiful statue playing hide and seek behind the hanging flower vine — oh so charming!

6. French Queen Garden Retreat…

The Little Plus: this is actually Marie Antoinette’s garden at the petit Trianon where she would retreat. Her garden was designed to ensure it would keep a natural atmosphere. Her goal was to escape the formality of Versailles and feel at peace. That is a great vision for any garden!

7. Yellow Joy…

The Little Plus: the yellow hues of the ground cover pop and call back the golden coat of the beautiful cedar zebrina in the back of the yard. Also, notice how the rocks are randomly placed among the green bushes to give a natural look and add visual interest to the backyard. Larger rocks, in the same texture, are used to line the path which helps to tie this landscape design together. Finally, the backyard fence with lattice top provides privacy with a touch of flare. What a beautiful backyard landscape design plans ideas.

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