7 Stunning Backyard Landscape Design Plans Ideas


If you are landscape design enthusiast and you are looking for a dream design to spite backyard into life, you are in for a luck. I have here 7 stunning backyard landscape design plans ideas you will love.

So let’s get some fresh air with this photo gallery. We’re pretty sure you’ll find some inspiration looking at the selection of backyard landscape design ideas we handpicked for you. Hope you enjoy your walk through these gorgeous outdoor retreats. Beautiful day to you!

7 Stunning Backyard Landscape Design Plans Ideas

1. Tranquility in the Cabana…


The Little Plus: love the distinct three different spaces created in this landscaped backyard. First, to your right, notice the beautiful stone reflective pond. On the other side of the garden path, you have a rustic fire pit with a popcorn kettle ready to go. And the queen of the backyard is that beautiful cabana — almost feels like a different room. And if you zoom (a lot!) you’ll see how the owner brought in a hand-painted pale green and cream desk. Also, potted plants, as well as the hanging flowers, provide beautiful colors to this relaxing retreat. And did you see the small fountain on the barrel? This lovely backyard definitely showcases that you can have tons of functionality and charm with a relatively small space. My favorite backyard landscape design plans ideas among the pack.

2. The Lion King…



The Little Plus: love the ivy climbing up the tall privacy wall. The fountain in tumbled stones adds an old-world feeling to this backyard. Also, the long rectangular planters along the wall allow you to change flowers and plants as seasons change. You can even use one for your culinary herb garden! And what a great idea to have an area where the patio stones are framed by grass — it calls back the tall green shrubs and makes this space feel more natural.

3. Hydrangea Beauties…



The Little Plus: the serenity and peace exuding from this space. The variety of flowering plants and greenery add a relaxing and romantic feel to this backyard design. And notice the wooden lattice fence stained in a rich brown color. It contributes to the zen feel of this beautiful garden. Also, love how planters of various shapes, textures, and colors are displayed at various corners of the backyard. It allows you to change flowers with the seasons. How lovely it must be to enjoy a tea (maybe with a slice of apple tart as a treat…) or an espresso after lunch in this beautifully designed backyard. A free way to recharge!

4. Lunch in Provence…


The Little Plus: the use of small white gravel between the parterre. This is a common landscaping feature in France, particularly in the south of France. Also, notice how large white rocks are used to frame the lawn and bushes — low budget and so country! The wrought iron pergola with wicker top is also a common feature in Provence. A beautiful and relatively easy DIY project for those that live in a warmer climate.


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