27 Amazing Backyard Landscape Design Ideas


24. Miniature Maple

sleeping-angel-statue-with-mulched-parterre-and-miniature-maple-tree-with-yellow-and-white-ground-cover-flowers-and-large-trees-in-surrounding-areaPoints of Interest ● sleeping angel statue ● mulched parterre ● miniature maple tree ● yellow and white ground cover flowers ● large trees in surrounding area

25. Arbor Trellis

vinyl-arbor-pergola-and-crawling-plants-with-outdoor-lighting-fixtures-and-boxwood-hedgesPoints of Interest ● vinyl arbor pergola ● crawling plants ● outdoor lighting fixtures ● boxwood hedges

26. Backyard Pond

petite-pond-with-mixed-sized-stone-surround-and-wood-plank-fence-and-miniature-japanese-maple-with-plants-in-varying-heights-and-huesPoints of Interest ● petite pond ● mixed sized stone surround ● wood plank fence ● miniature Japanese maple ● plants in varying heights and hues

27. Tulips

flower-gardens-of-tulips-and-violets-and-red-french-front-door-with-crabapple-trees-and-ladder-to-heart-shaped-balcony-and-gable-dormer-windowPoints of Interest ● flower gardens of tulips and violets ● red french front door ● crabapple trees ● ladder to heart-shaped balcony ● gable dormer window

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