6 Amazing Landscaping Boulders Ideas You Will Love


Are you looking for ideas about how to do landscaping with boulders or how to use boulders and large landscaping rocks to divide your garden into sections? Well, l have good news for you; check out the 6 amazing landscaping boulders ideas we have here.

For years people have been using boulders to accent their landscaping. Boulders can be grouped amongst plantings or used to divide areas in a garden. But have you ever thought of using them as a fire pit, seating, a fountain, or even a planter?

6 Landscaping Boulders Ideas You Will Love


1. Boulder Fire Pit

Desert Landscape Planting

By hollowing out a wide hole in this boulder it can be used as a fire pit. In this case, wood is burned, but a boulder fire pit could also be connected to an underground gas line. 

2. Boulder Seating

Boulder Seating

In this northwest backyard Heidi Skievaski, owner of Sublime Garden Design, used boulders as seating around a fire pit. She hand selected large, blocky boulders with flat tops so that they would be suited for sitting. Learn more about this project: Northwestern Backyard Retreat. 

3. Address Boulder

Address Boulder

Rather than simply displaying this home’s address on the mailbox Margie Grace, of Grace Design Associates, elected to use a large, red boulder. Learn more about this project: Fire Safe Landscape.

4. Boulder Planter

Boulder Planter

This raised planter was created from a boulder that was cut in half and hollowed out. Don’t forget drainage holes on the bottom.

See how a Portland landscaper uses boulders

5. Boulder Fountain

Boulder Fountain

Here three holes were drilled in a boulder and it was plumbed to serve as a fountain. Water bubbles out of the rock and flows into a hidden underground reservoir. Learn more about disappearing fountains.

6. Play Boulders

Play Boulders

In this desert courtyard, small boulders tucked amongst landscape plantings serve as play elements for young children. The kids can run or jump from boulder to boulder. The designer of this garden, Rachel Gioannini, recommends burying boulders one-third below grade for the most natural look. Learn more about this project: Colorful Desert Courtyard.

While boulders look great amongst landscape plantings, now you know that they can also be used as functional landscaping elements. Boulders look good in nearly any style of garden, but they are especially suited for use in country gardens. They have a natural rustic appeal that adds another dimension to the design.

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