50 Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Garden Designs


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45. Petit Country Estate

Petit Country Estate

Edged by boxwoods and backed by magnificently tall white rose bushes, this front garden idea is certainly dramatic.

Instead of planting pansies in a thin row, this design makes use of a thick carpet of the tiny flowers which form a dense but subtly colorful groundcover.

Bright purple lobelia is used only in the planting boxes by the front door which helps to draw the eyes of visitors to the entryway. All in all, this is an effective and grand landscaping idea that can be adapted to almost any home’s entryway.

46. Urban Sanctuary

Urban Sanctuary

Urban yards can be a challenge to landscape. The small footprint of this front yard is visually increased by creating a geometric hedge and miniature courtyard around a stone planter with ferns.

Tucked along the edges of the yard are small trees and perennial shrubs. By pushing the larger plants to the edges of the garden, this design creates a protected closed-in feeling while opening up the center of the small yard and allowing plenty of light in.

Even if you live in the suburbs, but have a tiny front garden you can replicate the feel of this garden by using structured hedges and avoiding the use of large light-obscuring trees.

47. Western Water-Wise

Western Water-Wise

Cactus isn’t the only choice for xeriscaped yards. This front garden idea makes great use of colorful succulents and purple lantana.

An enormous agave guards the entryway to the home, but also creates the height and drama that a tree normally would.

River rock along the border of the yard and heavy mulch are used instead of grass. This not only saves an enormous amount of water but also keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Landscapes such as this may become more common in states like California where mandatory water rationing has encouraged many homeowners to re-think their landscaping.

48. Wine Barrel Garden

Wine Barrel Garden

Here is a garden idea that everyone – even apartment dwellers – can make use of. No matter how small your entryway, a half wine barrel filled with potting soil can make a suitable home for cheery annual flowers.

Pansies, marigolds, and nasturtiums are tough survivors and can survive even the blackest thumbs. A single landscaping light is the perfect accent for this rustic container garden and will provide a practical source of light to anyone who finds themselves fumbling to find their keys at the door.

49. Wagon Wheel Accent

Wagon Wheel Accent

A wagon wheel can add instant western charm to almost any front garden design. As durable yard accents, they work especially well in xeriscaped landscapes, cottage gardens, and western gardens of all kinds.

They need not be purely ornamental, though, and make an excellent trellis for a variety of climbing vines and ivies. Lean a single wagon wheel against the side of your house or against a tree or line an entire row of wagon wheels gainst your fence for a truly western display.

50. Spring Cottage Garden

Spring Cottage Garden

Bulbs and Azaleas are a fleeting but beloved part of spring, and this front yard landscaping idea gives them pride of place. As in other designs, evergreens help provide a year-long structure to the yard, while bright pink azaleas and seasonal bulbs dot the flower beds.

A simple river rock border neatly separates the lawn from the planted beds and adds a touch of rustic charm to the well-kept and heavily mulched flowers. Despite the small size of this cottage, the well-proportioned shrubs and immaculate front garden make it feel grander.

50 Appealing Front Garden Ideas for Homeowners

In general, a well-kept front garden will add appeal and value to your home. Even the smallest front yards can become home to verdant seasonal displays of flowers and greenery.

By planting hardy evergreens in your landscape, you can create a framework to which you can add climate-appropriate ground covers, bulbs, annuals, and perennials that can bring color and texture to a plain yard.

Even if you are an inexperienced gardener, have had poor luck with plants in the past, or even if you are currently renting your home, there are cost effective ways to enliven your front yard.

If you’re uncertain about where to begin, try adding a planter with petunias or a similarly hardy flower to either side of your front door.

You’ll soon learn through trial and error how often you must care for your plants and which varieties do best in your area. Before long, you’ll be ready to revamp your entire front yard.

Gardening is a rewarding past time that allows you to paint and sculpt the landscape with living things. With minimal care and a little planning, you can create a work of art that will impress visitors and will make you smile every time you come home.

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