50 Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Garden Designs


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30. Modern Craftsman Lighted Path

Modern Craftsman Lighted Path

These metal garden path lights are a sleek alternative to the lantern-like pathway lights normally sold at home stores.

While pathway lights aren’t always necessary, they tend to offer a more welcoming feel to a home’s entryway.

By choosing to update this one element, you can take your landscape design up a notch. Paired with a cut flagstone path and a pleasing mix of grasses, annuals, and evergreens, this front garden idea is a solid mix of modern and classic elements.

31. Rustic Wagon Plant Stand

Rustic Wagon Plant Stand

Source: homedit.com

With a few modifications, you can turn an old wagon into a delightfully shabby chic plant stand. By adding a few planks to the interior to form steps or risers, you can simply place potted annuals inside for a simple but fun display.

The mix of glazed pots and old enamelware cooking pots that have been recycled into planters is a thrifty and whimsical touch.

This is an especially creative idea for renters who may not have permission to plant directly in the yard but still want to add some country charm to their home.

32. Modern Stepped Beds

Modern Stepped Beds

Source: homedit.com

Concrete walls may not immediately spring to mind when you’re planning out your front yard landscaping idea. But this clean design may change your mind.

If you own a modern home or a mid-century ranch, this kind of austere stepped bed can be paired with fern-like Japanese maples for a soft but structured design.

Not only do these beds compliment the lines of the house, but it also allows for the display of focused plantings. Instead of Japanese maples, you could choose shaped junipers or corkscrew willows as alternatives.

33. Sprouting Stump

Sprouting Stump

Stumped about what you should do with the dead tree in your yard? If removing a tree stump isn’t practical or economic, make the best of an eyesore by giving it new life.

By using a tree stump as an outdoor plant stand and display, you can instantly create an appealing display in your yard.

While this front garden idea may not be suited to every yard, in the right setting, a stump can become a blessing, not a curse.

Alternatively, use an attractive trailing ground cover like ivy instead of petunias as a lower maintenance option.

34. Flashy Fall Flowers

Flashy Fall Flowers

During the spring and summer, it’s easy to find a wide variety of blooming plants to beautify your yard. This front yard landscaping idea makes use of cold-tolerant flowers and decorative kale to create a colorful autumn display that’s sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.

You can either intersperse late blooming plants with your spring and summer annuals, or you can fully replace dead and dying early bloomers when the time comes. Either way, extending the season for flowers at your home will make your front yard more inviting when the seasons change.

35. Enchanting Rose Arbor

Enchanting Rose Arbor

There are few things that are more romantic than roses. The white picket fence and arched climbing arbor in this garden not only help frame the entryway of the house but also lend an air of nostalgia to this home.

The rough flagstone pathway and wide flower beds perfectly compliment the cottage-like feel of this front yard landscaping idea. While pink roses are always a safe choice, the bold red of the roses in the picture are a good match for the red rocking chair on the porch and even the door of the house itself.

36. Discreet Flower Bed Lighting

Discreet Flower Bed Lighting

Lantern-style lighting isn’t always aesthetically pleasing or practical for a front garden design. If you’ve been searching for an alternative light source that won’t conflict with your modern landscape – or if you’re simply tired of having to weed or mow around lantern lights – then this ingenious idea may be the creative solution you need.

Exterior rope lights are low visibility during the day and seamlessly blend into the edge of any garden bed. At night, they cast a glow right where your visitors need it, and help define your entryway path.

37. Low Maintenance Mediterranean

Low Maintenance Mediterranean

Source: usnow.org

If you live in an area where temperatures regularly soar above 100 degrees, you know how difficult it can be to maintain an attractive front yard no matter how often you water.

Many plants – including many blooming annuals – simply cannot survive long periods of dry heat. In these areas, your best option may be to use a low maintenance and water savvy Mediterranean front garden design such as the idea shown here.

Hardy evergreens with waxy leaves are better able to retain moisture during heatwaves and droughts. Many palm trees are, of course, well-adapted to hot arid conditions.

Finally, low-growing junipers offer an alternative to more delicate leafy ground covers.


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